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In today's market, large real estate companies are investing billion of dollars in creating an “end-to-end” technology solution. This means they are bringing more to the table for their client than just opening doors and putting homes online. They are bringing technology that makes buying or selling a home easier for the customer.

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The Savvy platform is being used by real estate professionals like you to win more business in three key ways.

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Touchpoint Past Clients

Since we know over 90% of homeowners are paying more than they have in monthly insurance premiums, use Savvy for a reason to reach out to past customers inviting them to save hundreds of dollars on their insurance. Be the hero and get repeat business.

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Assist your buyers

Help your buyers obtain the lowest insurance premium which will help reduce their monthly payment. When you provide more than just an open door, you up your value in your customers eyes. They are far more likely to refer you business if they know you have the tools to go beyond the call of duty.

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Speed up the closing process

Insurance documentation is usually something that slows up the closing process near the end. Help the client with getting insurance documentation right away rather than later in the process. Use savvy to possibly save deals with debt-to-income issues by lower the payment.

API Integrations

Integrations with other innovative technology partners are a key part of the digital mortgage era. We have architected our platform and business model to be open, supporting different types of integrations for various workflows.