The only compliant insurance solution for the 21st century digital lender.

Plugging Savvy’s AI insurance platform into your digital mortgage process is simple but the results are extraordinary. Since we are a digital insurance marketplace, and not an insurance broker, we are able to give your clients what a broker cannot- A complete solution that includes name brand insurance carriers such as State Farm, Allstate, Farmers and so on.

Savvy enhances three major areas of your mortgage process.

Verify the insurance premium on any home in the nation in the very beginning of the underwriting process ensuring you don’t run into DTI issues weeks into the underwriting process. This is crucial to protect your brand with local real estate agents.

We reduce the time and energy your processing team must spend on chasing down paperwork. Our dedicated savvy concierge staff works with the insurance agent and client to get the accurate paperwork the underwriter needs.

Since we are able to provide accurate insurance premium quotes in every market, you’ll be able to provide your client with a more accurate monthly payment and funds needed to close up front rather than at the last minute.

Be the Diff!

Savvy number one focus is on reducing the cost of homeownership for your customers. Nearly a third of our referrals save more than $100 a month from their current policy. Separate yourself from other loan officers by not only offering your client a refinance of their loan but save them even more by reducing their monthly payment!



Since we have robust APIs, we are able to integrate into any top lender LOS, POS, or custom digital mortgage platform on the market. We also have a unique invite link for those lenders who would prefer to invite their client to complete the short 7 question quote request.


API Integrations

Integrations with other innovative technology partners are a key part of the digital mortgage era. We have architected our platform and business model to be open, supporting different types of integrations for various workflows.

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